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 Important Announcement

Below are the safety Tips for FPX (Financial Process Exchange) / eMandate (PayNet Direct Debit online Authorisation)

1. Always type your merchant website address and do not search the link via search engine or open the link from suspicious email or pop-up.

2. Beware of spoof e-mail or SMS requesting for personal banking information or updating of your Bank Islam account information.
a) Do not open or respond to suspicious e-mail.
b) Avoid downloading free programs that your receive from spoof e-mail or pop-out. These may incorporate hacker-friendly software.

3. When selecting payment via FPX, you should check the following item below to ensure you are accessing the verified website:
a) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Cert (2048 bit) icon at the right taskbar, OR,
b) Padlock icon at the end of the taskbar

4. DO NOT reveal your Login ID, Corporate Login ID, and Password to anyone. Your password and PIN are designed to protect the privacy of your banking information. They will only work if you keep them private.
a) Don't use the "remember password" function because this information can be easily accessed by hackers.

5. Entrust Token Safe Tips:
a) DO NOT share or disclose to anyone the Entrust Token, Security Code, and Serial Number

6. Always log out your account before leaving the website.

7. Clear your cache (information stored in your computer memory) each time you log out.

8. Report any suspicious activity at 03-26 900 900.


Safety Tips For Entrust Token:

1. Do not allow anyone to use or temper with your Entrust Token.

2. Do not disclose the generated Security Code to anyone.

3. Do not disclose the serial number of your Entrust Token.

4. Please take reasonable steps to ensure and keep the Entrust Token secure at all times.

5. If the token is lost or stolen, please notify your eBanker Corporate Admin and report to Bank Islam eBanker Support Team at Telephone Number - 03 2782 1314/1315/1318/1321 from 9.00 a.m – 6.00 p.m (not applicable during weekend and public holiday) or Email -